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Sunday, August 19, 2007

CT and Designer call

Snap&scrap is expanding and looking for more CT girls and designers to sell their designs in the shop. Hope to see you there soon!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Freebie, and you could win this awesome kit!!

Another week almost over, this has been such a busy and eventful one. Our renovations are going very well, as things are taking shape, can't wait to have a tidy house again, everything is so dusty and such a mess! As far as my scrapping life goes, I am having more fun than ever! I did my first page for NDISB, Everything I used on it is from the Designers at NDISB, obtainable here

Credits HERE

I have been offered another CT position at a fab site, but cannot say anything about it just yet, just waiting for the confirmation.

And check out this awesome , fabulous, funky, groovy kit from none other than my sister Bonnie!! But she is stuck for a name. So head on over to her blog and give your suggestions, you could win it!!!!

And lastly (phew) here is my little freebie for you!! But I first of all have to say a huge thank you to my new friend, Lois for her awesome grungy overlays and her so easy tutorial on how to make them yourself, You are a life saver, girl!!
And the doodles are made with the help of NDISB designer , Silvia Romeo and her fantastic doodles for commercial use, go and have a look HERE at NDISB

Download HERE - and please leave me a comment, I love hearing what you have to say

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A good week!

I have had a great week, full of good news! Firstly I was offered a guest spot on the NDISB CT!! I was so surprised and excited and of course I excepted!
And I am also now a staff member at Snap@scrap, one of the few South African based scrapping sites. I may be wrong but I think there are only 2. I will be doing one challenge a month on the forum and also contributing to the free challenge kit and eventually the monthly free daily download kit. I know it entails a lot of extra work, but it is a great site and I love all the ladies that post there. So if you want to do some great challenges and get a free kit, or want the free daily download pop into Snap&scrap!

Some other news:
My sister Bonnie has 3 gorgeous freebies on her blog, for a short time only, so hurry on over and snag!

Metalmama has some awesome new stuff in her shop at OAKS, gorgeous funky
flourishes, glittery borders and elements, big glitzy bows and alphas. And the great news is that she has a huge discount on all her products, for a limited time only so hurry on over! Here are just a few:

My LO, using only Metalamamdezines

Credits HERE

Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Designs, some LO's and a freebie!

Well, I have had a crappy week, what with my external hard drive falling off my desk and crashing and losing everything, and one of my Labs being on death's door! But at least she has recovered and is doing well, after spending 4 days in doggy hospital. I am busy picking myself back up and realizing there is life after a hard drive crash, and in a funny way it has opened new doors to me, I went shopping for scrap kits for the first time in my life!! And actually bought a whole bunch, it is so exciting. Of course I love the freebie world and will always support it, but WOW, there is some awesome stuff out there!!
And then there was the highlight in my week, the ADSR challenge 6- a messy LO!! Here is my attempt.

"Tortoise Rescue"
The boys rescued this huge tortoise as it was trying to swim across the river.

Credits HERE

Then of course I have been busy with CT work. Bonnie van Esch, my sister, has a new kit in her shop at Snap&scrap called Cardboard Graph. Modern with a touch of the whimsical and vintage, her trademark. You can get it HERE

My LO, using Cardboard Graph.

Smiley Face - My son Wesley as a toddler- he is now 19!
Credit HERE

And then Metalmama has a bunch of new designs in her shop at OAKS. These are just two of them, so cute and funky. Get them HERE

And this is what you can do with them. The paper is also Metamama's.

This is my Niece , Emma, such a cutie!
Credits HERE

And after playing in Corel Painter, I came up with these Glitter Swirlies, if you would like them.

Download HERE - and PLEASE leave me a comment if you do, I would love to know what you think. Thanks!