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Saturday, June 30, 2007

LO of the day at Digiscrapshak!!!!!

I was completely shocked, amazed, flabbergasted,excited and thrilled to hear this LO had made LO of the day at Digiscrapshak!!! It did take me all day to do, as I did a tut on extracting an image, normally I would just manually cut it out with the freehand selection tool! So I learnt how to extract today- YAY!! This is my middle son, Tristan.

Credits:Little Surfer Kit: Nicole Haecker Designs, Blue Flourish: Michelle Coleman, Font: VTKS Bandana

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New CT, new designs, new LO's and.... a new freebie!!

First of all,thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my collage. I may even attempt a few more:) I have had a chaotic couple of weeks, as we are renovating our house at the moment, or should I say we have been for 7 years, but are now seriously trying to complete it. As hubby works, I have the wonderful job of running around ordering building material, seeing to quotes, supervising builders etc, and it is taking up so much of my time. I treasure every second I can sit in front of my PC lately!

I have been loving my Photoshop lessons, and the little freebie below is made up of a few things I have done in Photoshop. I also have a new baby in my life- Corel Painter 8 and a pen mouse, what a fantastic combination. For those who love drawing and art, this is a must! The possibilities are endless, from glitter and fairydust, to doodling with all sorts of mediums. I could play all day. I did the doodles and papers in my freebie with it as well.

And I am on another CT, I decided one more would complete my life and went to the CT calls in the forum at Digishoptalk (if any of you want to apply for a CT, that's the place to go!) and went through quite a few before seeing Nicole Haecker Designs, her designs are gorgeous and just my "thing", so I applied, and was really surprised and excited to be told she wanted me!!

Here is the first LO I have done using her oh so pretty painted paper flowers. You can get them in her shoppe at Pocket- Pearls HERE,as well as her her other fab stuff! The glitter and doodles were done in Corel Painter!! I may just surprise you (and myself) and do some glittery doodley freebies!!

Credits HERE
I am loving my other new CT, Metalmamadezines!! Her designs are me to a T. I have such fun scrapping with her stuff!

She has just released these Funkified Frames in her shoppe at Miss Tiina. I just love them!!

And this is my first LO using the frames!

Credits HERE

And another one using some more of her awesome designs!

Credits HERE

And this one was done for my sister, Bonnie van Esch Designs with her new kit, Handmade Cheer, available at Snap&scrap. She will be releasing 2 more awesome kits (I have had a sneak preview!) at the end of the month. All I will tell you is they are completely unique and FUN!!

Credits HERE

And last, but hopefully not least, here is the freebie. It contains 4 papers, 2 with a torn paper look ( thanks to the awesome templates of Annetje77), 2 pairs of fluffy wings which I did quite by accident using fur in PSP, a sticker flower, 2 doodle crowns, wordart, stamp and some vector flowers I made in one of my lessons:) All 3600 x 3600, 300 dpi. The papers are "fingerpainted" in Corel Painter. I hope you like it, and thanks for continuing to be my guinea pigs in this learning process!!

Download HERE

My little angels, my doxies, in the LO below using "Amazing"

Saturday, June 23, 2007


There is a first time for everything- and this is my first time to scrap a collage for a challenge. This is my family - minus a few cats,2 dogs, snake and bird!

Credits: Background Paper: Funky Valentine- Kim Smith Designs, All doodles: I made this today Designs,Wings: Scrappy Pony Designs, Font: Doodle Script

Friday, June 22, 2007

LO's for Scrappy Pony Designs

Here are the LO's I did using Scrappy Pony Designs(Hope you like them, Heather!) Something a bit different to what I normally do!
Photos taken 3 weeks ago, the first time I have ridden for 2 years- a 4 hour ride through a nature reserve and then onto the beach. It was awesome.
Click for larger view

Credits:Template:CHEATERS CHALLENGE 4 template by Jennifer Layden of Jennilyn Designs, All Papers used:Vintage Papers, Not so Spring, Florific - Scrappy Pony Designs, Various shared tubes used, Sun- Infloresence -Carrie Stephens

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, this is my first time ever to be tagged!! I popped in in total innocence to say hello to Melanie- and horrors, I have been tagged. I am not one to reveal too much about myself, but here goes!!

7 Things You Don't Know About Me list.

1. I am a coffee and chocoholic- I have a serious addiction to both!
2. I adore new born babies ,but don't cope too well with toddlers. I get on far better with my kids now that they are in their teens.
3. I am a party animal- I come alive after dark!
4. I am obsessed with colouring my hair, I can't go too long with the same colour!
5. I love horses and used to be completely horse mad. Still am but it is under control now.
6. My two little daschunds sleep in my bed!
7. I am claustrophobic and terrified of heights

Ok, confessions done!
I in turn tag:

Bonnie- my sister
Leslie Hasenkamp
and I can't think of anyone else who has not already been tagged!

Bonnie van Esch Designs has a CT call... and some new LO's

Bonnie van Esch Designs (who is also by baby sister) is expanding her CT!!

Please visit her blog HERE to find out the requirements, and also to download the free kit that she would like you to scrap with . Her designs are completely unique, very altered art and whimsical. Just gorgeous! The deadline is the 29 June- so hurry!!

And a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded my little freebie and had such nice things to say. I am really working hard at Photoshop, and hopefully soon will be able to offer you something really great!! You have all supported me in my little creating venture, I can't wait to give you something fab!!

A few of my new LO's

Scrapped for my new CT Metalmamadezines, all of her products found HERE

Credits HERE

Credits HERE

Credits HERE

Credits HERE

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Metalmamadezines product, new LO's and a new teeny weeny freebie for you!


I have had such a busy few weeks. My hubby bought me a new PC, external hard drive for all my scrapping stuff, new printer and PHOTOSHP CS3!! I also upgraded to PSP 11. So it took me a week or two to sort out my PC, and I opened Photoshop and thought "I really need help" ,so I did a search of Yahoo groups, as this is how I learn PSP, was through a yahoo group. Well I found THIS ONE and have already learnt so much.
We are also renovating 2 houses, ours (which has been going on for 7 years) and another house that we own on the coast in Cape Town which we have decided to turn into a holiday house. So I have been extremely busy with all of that, and now I am on another CT, so exciting.
Metalmamadezines has this gorgeous new product out, one of a kind puzzle pieces. You can get them HERE- she also has a massive sale going on!

My first LO with Puzzle Pretty, and I can't wait to do more, each is so different you can do something completely different with each of them.

Puzzle Pieces: Puzzle Pretty- Metalmamadezines, Flourishes(recoloured): Flourishmeholiday - Metalmamadezines, Background Paper: Dusk & Dawn - Daydream paper -Doris Castle, DesignsStitch frame: Designs by Kari, Ribbon: Fresh - Janosch designs, Staples: Shabby Garden- Valgouvela Designs, Tag:Invogue-Linda Gil Billdal, Fonts: Pupcat, the quiet scream
And this Lo was done using Bonnie van Esch's Handmade Cheer, another one of a kind kit, available HERE

Handmade Cheer: Bonnie van Esch Designs, Template: Jaana Säker, Staples: 4 the boys by Ksharonk Designs

Last ,but not least, I found the time to make a teeny weeny freebie for you all, just so that you don't forget me! Still using PSP at this stage (3600 x 3600, 300 dpi)

A huge thank you to Rejuscrap for the use of her folded corner template I used, and for reminding me that I forgot to credit her, so sorry, it was completely unintentional, I simply forgot!

Download HERE

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am so excited...

I am very excited to announce that I have been chosen to be on the CT of Metalmamadezines!!

Her designs ROCK! Very bright, playful and funky stuff. You can see them on her blog HERE and purchase them at Miss Tiina HERE.

This is the LO's that that I did, using Metalmamadezine's Flowertastic.

Credits: Flowers: Flowertastic by Metalmama Dezines, Doodle: Another Circus by Ida - Catscrap, Paper: Cherry Vanilla by Traci Sims Designs, Stitches: Cubic by Lively, Wordart: BastelScrapMamas, Doggy Quote:Scrappy Pony Designs, Curled green ribbon: a-gus, Pink satin ribbon: Babysoft by Misty Cato Designs- recoloured, Ric rac" Thaty by GMendes - recoloured

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Kit by Bonnie van Esch Designs... and new free daily download at Snap&Scrap

Here is the new Kit : Handmade Cheer" by my sister, Bonnie van Esch Designs, available at the Snap&Scrap Shoppe. Isn't it just beautiful??!!

My LO using it:
Credits:Handmade Cheer Kit: Bonnie van Esch Designs, Picture by Kat,Template:Jaana Säker

The entire kit below is availabe FREE at the Snap&Scrap Blog as a daily download. You can't miss out on this!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yay- some more Summer of Love LO's!!

I was so happy to receive some more COOL LO's!! Aren't they just great??
Thanks so much!

This one was done by Silvia's daughter, Belinda. She is 16! It is adorable!

And these were done by Melanie. I thought the photos she used were just perfect. Got to love those VW's! ( The colours went a bit hay wire when I resized for some reason)

The "Little Bird" gift will be on it's way soon.