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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We won!!!!!!!!! Celebrating with a freebie for you!

Phew, what an awesome weekend!! I think our country is still on a high from winning the world cup!! We are still celebrating!! Here are a few silly photos!- especially put here for Kim, as I said I would- haha

A few of you have asked about how my son Wesley is doing after his op. He is absolutely fine and back at work. His nose is perfect, he can breath again

This is what he looked like straight out of surgery. I wrote a short diary entry for a challenge on that day, now I am really terrible at journaling!

Credits HERE

I used Ninascraps awesome set of kits, Bright Side of Life, available at Oscraps

And this is him now (with his girlfriend Alexia) . Still some swelling, which could last up to 3 months.

But life is not all great here. We have 2 old ladies, black lab retrievers, who are now 10 years old. One of them ,Roxy, has been diagnosed with diabetes, she has lost so much weight and went blind in a matter of weeks. I have to inject her every day with insulin and I have put them both on the diabetic diet. But sadly I see her deteriorating before my eyes, and I am facing the fact that we will probably have to put her down soon. 10 years is a long time, they are like children to us, and I really cry every time I think about having to loose her.
This is Roxy in better days.

Credits HERE
On a brighter note, I am being featured on the website- World Scrapping Tour on Friday! What an honour and a privilege, I am really excited about it!
And I am on a new CT, Mari Koegelenberg, the owner of Snap and Scrap. Her designs are awesome and I can't wait to get started!
We are off on a long weekend to the other side of the country, Somerset West, to at long last furnish the house we have been renovating for the last few months. Hope we can get it all done in 4 days!! And of course I will be seeing Bonnie, who I have not seen in ages!! Can't wait to have a glass or two of wine with her and a long chat,we have a lot of catching up to do! Bon and I have also collaborated in a newsletter freebie for her newsletter at the end of this month. Here is my contribution:
And this is what the whole kit looks like, plenty of adorable doodles by Bon!! If you have not signed up for Bonnie's newsletter, there is still time. Pop on over to her blog and sign up, and you will get her interesting newsletter every month, along with this freebie and freebies every month!

Ok, enough from me now!! Here is the celebration freebie I promised!! Just something small as I have been extremely busy!! It will go with the Newsletter freebie as I used similar colours.
Enjoy,download HERE, and thanks so much for all your comments, I so love and appreciate them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Go Bokke!!

Tomorrow is the huge final of the rugby world cup between South Africa (the Springboks) and England! We are going big at friends to watch the game! So exciting!!

Using Green Sun: Flow- available at Digital Candy
Credits HERE
And my drink of the moment- Mojito, using the same kit

Credits HERE

I was completely overwhelmed by the great response to my doodle freebie, thanks so much for your awesome comments! And I just thought I would let you know that Bonnie and I are working on a little collab freebie for her newsletter at the end of this month, so watch this space to find out more about it!

Have a great weekend, and Go Bokke Go!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A few LO's - and a freebie!

Well, I am back into the swing of things, kids are back to school after a long holiday, and I have unpacked and done all my washing, and caught up on a few things here at home. My son's nose looks fabulous, I am so jealous, he has such a perfect nose now, we are thrilled with the results. For the first time in years he can breath through his nose!

And of course I am scrapping like mad!! I have so many photos of our holiday to scrap. Here is the first lot of Florence, using Ninascraps gorgeous Parts of Fall kit, available at Oscraps

Credits HERE

This is my Hubby Mark and his friend (he and his wife were also with us) after a few cocktails haha, using the funky Guys Night Out by Jasz Designs, available at Digital Candy

Credits HERE

And this one:

Credits HERE

I have had a few spare moments to make you a freebie, inspired by the beautiful colours of Tuscany. It also includes the doodles uncoloured for you to add your own colours! All hand drawn in Corel Painter. Hope you can use it.

Download HERE- and please don't forget to leave me a comment either here on my blog or at 4shared, I love hearing what you think of my little freebies!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gone Blonde!

So what do you think? After 2 years of being dark, decided blondes have more fun and went back to blonde! It took a while as my hair was dyed really dark, but I am there at last!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am back!!

I am back after an amazing 2 week holiday in Italy and Greece! We had the most perfect weather in Greece, we went to Santorini, Mykenos and Athens, and then off to Italy . We travelled by train from Rome to Florence(which is the most beautiful place in the world), and then to the fascinating Venice. Italy was far colder and we had a bit of rain. Of course we ate like pigs and I tried Chianti wine for the first time and now I am a fan!! It is a gorgeous soft red wine! We walked so much that I was fortunate enough not to put on any weight, even after all the eating, and I have a tan to start off Summer here! But there is no place like home and it is great to be back! Between hubby and I we took about 1000 photos so I have plenty to scrap!

So it's back to every day life and back to my passion, scrapping! Here is my first LO in over 2 weeks! I was so excited to see it was nominated as a standout of the day at DST!! A first for me!

Credits HERE

I am now officially on Ninascraps CT, and I am really excited to start scrapping for her. She has an amazing team and is really professional.

Thanks so much to my friend KimB for nominating my blog for a creative blogger award, it was a lovely surprise!

I in turn nominate these awesome bloggers for their creativity:

My sister Bonnie, she is the most creative person I know, and her blog is full of awesome things she has made, besides her wonderful LO's and designs. She is my inspiration.

Artsymama- this girl has the most awesome blog, it is like going through a glossy magazine, pure eye candy!

I am doodle mad and these next two nomination are for the most creative and awesome doodles out there, Dancing Lines and I made this today .

And last but not least Metalmama for her original and realistic designs, I am a complete addict! She is taking a break from designing for a while but she will be back!

My oldest son had a nose op yesterday, but he is home and the doctor is very happy with the way it went. He broke his nose very badly years ago, and completely obliterated one of his sinuses so he has had years of battling to breathe and constant health problems, but that should all now be a thing of the past. Besides the septum being straighted, he should now have a beautiful straight nose, void of all the bumps and lumps he has lived with for years. I am so excited to see the results when the plaster comes off.

I have a busy few months ahead of me, trying to keep up with all my scrapping commitments, renovations, year end functions,kids exams etc etc etc. I don't call myself Chaos Lounge for nothing:)