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Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful new kit FREE at Snap&scrap!!

Here is the preview of the GREAT collaborative FREE kit starting on the 1st May from the snap and scrap blog
Please pop into Snap&scrap and register if you would like to get the daily download. This is a new site in South Africa, but anyone can join and there are great challenges every month with great gifts if you do them. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Arabian Nights part 4...and an add on

I have been totally overwhelmed with all your wonderful comments. I was so shy to put my freebies up here, but you have all made me feel so much better, and excited about trying something else. Thank you all so much! If there is anything you are not happy with please let me know.
Here is part 4. I would love to see anything you have done with this kit, and I would love to put some of your LO's on my blog. Please send me a copy via email (500 x 500 jpeg) Here is my email addy: Can't wait to see them.

Link Removed

But this is not quite the last. There is an add on as well, but you will have to go on over to Bonnie's blog to see how you can get it. Please read her blog carefully as she has news of another wonderful freebie going at Snap&scrap. You can't miss out on this.
PLUS this wonderful sampler from Bonnie's new kit, The Song of Spring!
But you will have to go to her blog to see how it can be yours.

Go to Bonnie's blog if you want this!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Arabian Nights part 3

Thanks again for all your sweet comments, so appreciated. Here is part 3, one more to go (I think!) I have included the newspaper frame from part one again, I have just made it bigger.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Link now working

I have changed the link, and it is now working, so sorry about that, who knows what happened!

Link problem?

I am so sorry, there appears to be a problem with the 4 shared link with part 2, although it was working. Please be patient while I delete the link and I will upload it again. Just give me some time as I am off to drop kids at school. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arabian Nights part 2

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and volunteering to be my guinea pigs:)
Here is part 2 - enjoy.

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Some more party pics, these are friends of ours

Tag it

What a lovely surprise to see I have been tagged for the thinking bloggers award, by Bonnie ,my sister, who supports me no matter what! Thanks Bon.
What to do if you have been chosen;
1. If you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2. Link to this post so that people can find their way back to it's origin
3. Display the Thinking Blogger Award

Here are the blogs I tagged for my own personal reasons. there are so many gorgeous blogs out there, who to choose is so difficult. I went ahead and tagged, not too sure what this was all about. I have since added the necessary information to my blog, so I hope this answers some questions. I do not retract from my choices, as in some way they have all touched me .

First of all I would have chosen Bonnie, but someone else got to her first !!

Mermaid's Haven: Beautiful designs and her generous spirit in sharing them.

Lively: The most awesome LO's, she is so original and brave with what she does. Her kits are also unusual and so creative.

Dapperdoxie: Her lovely work and we share a passion for the little dog with the huge heart, the Doxie.

Pillowgirl's Scraps: For her generosity in sharing her creations, and for the element templates that have been so useful to me.

Calico's Corner: For her beautiful kits that she so generously gives away and especially for her dog and cat kits for us animal lovers.

Now go and tag those blogs that you love!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

New LO

I discovered such a gorgeous freebie kit called Swirling Love on Candee's blog -Mermaids Haven. I could not download it fast enough to scrap with it.

Other credits: Round stitching: IN MEMORY OF MILES Kit by Jessica Bolton,
Straight Stitching: Heartfelt Scraps by Melissa,
Pink Ribbon:Hot Pink Date by Dittersfreedoodles.
I scraplifted an awesome LO -
Her gallery is well worth looking at.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blog Challenge

Here is the LO I did for Karla's Blog Challenge, using her delightful Denim and Dirt Grab Bag Challenge Freebie. Head on over and see the gorgeous prize for the winners!

Credits: Denim and Dirt Grab Bag Freebie by Karla Marano
Template:Amy W Designs
Stitching: Mizmelscrap
Font: Paint Peel Initials

Arabian Nights... and a survey

A big thank you to you all for the lovely comments on my first try outs at creating, I am sure they are not perfect, but I am learning! I use PSP X at the moment, but I am thinking of getting Photoshop Elements. I would be interested to hear if you can actually do more with Photoshop. If anyone has used both I really would like to hear your thoughts. I know Photoshop CS3 is the best but in this country it is phenomenally expensive! (one day when my ship comes in:))
I have found with PSP that the quality of 3600 x 3600 papers is not 100%, or am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help me? I have made these papers 1200 x 1200(300 dpi) as they quality is still great. Is it the way I save my papers or the way I make them? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Also something else I would like to find out, how many of you resize your papers before scrapping, and how many use the large sizes? How many print out your pages, or do you do them purely for posting in galleries? Please leave me your thoughts in the comments section, these are things I would really like to find out. I know I always resize to 600 x 600 and resize the elements accordingly, as I don't print out my LO's, I love doing the challenges and posting them in my galleries, and they have to be 500 x 500, so resizing is necessary. It is far easier and quicker as far as I am concerned to resize before scrapping (In PSP anyway)

Ok, now that I have written a book, here is my latest venture, Arabian Nights, inspired by an Arabian Nights costume party we went to. It comes in a few parts, as I keep adding to it, so check here in a few days for the next part. I hope you like it, and if you feel anything is not up to scratch, I would love to hear, as it will only help me improve. This is something I really love doing, and have so many ideas, but to actually create them is a matter of trial and error for me at the moment. I hope you don't mind being my guinea pigs:)


Saturday, April 14, 2007

A little freebie for you

Here is another little freebie for you, also one of my "experiments" with trying out a bit of creating. It was inspired by my daughter (See LO below) I hope you like it. I am working on something different that is taking me ages, looking forward to being able to give it you when it is ready. WATCH THIS SPACE.

My daughter Cherye

Please leave me a comment on my blog if you take it, thanks so much

New Kit by Bonnie van Esch Designs

Bonnie van Esch Designs has come up with another gorgeous kit called Rainforest - full of texture and realistic looking flowers. It is available at Snap&scrap. Check out her blog for her freebie and discount voucher.

LO done by me using Rainforest

Credits: Papers and elements: Rainforest Kit by Bonnie van Esch Designs
Template:Alice Naylor (Okblues Designs)
Wordart:Pillowgirl, aka E Blust
Font: PleasinglyPlump
Tube: Suzi Sgai


Some of my latest LO's

My Doxie pup, Scallywags. He is 4 months old and such a funny little character.
Background Paper: PaintSplashed from The Blues Backpack by Jamie Rosselle
Torn Sideborder, stitching and buttons: Written on the wall by Candee Designs
String of beads: Family by GABhappyscrap
Green ribbon and tie ribbon: Welcoming Spring freebie by Gina Huff
Blue ribbon: BabySoft by Misty Cato
Blue ribbon:Discovering by Heidi Williams
Doodles: Another Circus by Catrine Hallingstad
Staple: Debbyb
Font: Jinky

My son and his favourite toy!
Sepia Kit by Coralie
Doodles: Another Circus by Mossa
Font: The LastSoundtrack

Template: Jaana Saker template 7
Green papers: Mermaid's Haven
Background Paper: Vintage Paper Pack by Scrappy Pony Designs
Sun: Spring Sampler by Jennifer Barrette
Doodle: Crazy garden by Chickypow Designs
Torn Cardboard Flowers: It's a Spring Thing by Amy Bleser
Paperclip: Fire
Clouds: The Blues Paperpack by Jamie Rousselle
Fonts: Love Light, LHF Jami

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This is a little freebie I made for a challenge prize at Snap&scrap last month. I thought I would offer it to anyone else who might like it. Please be kind, it is only my second attempt! If you take it please leave me a comment. Thanks.( Scroll down to see some LO's made with it)