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Thursday, September 30, 2010

CU Freebie- and some pics

Only 4 weeks to go now, and feeling great, hoping the op has worked, it feels like it, but only time will tell. I have a new respect for people on crutches and in wheelchairs, even a normal day to day event becomes a task.

Jackson had his stitches out, but unfortunately had another growth removed from his neck, the size of a pea, we don't know yet if it is also the cancer, but they cut right down into his muscle and surrounding tissue to remove it all, although they said it was just under the skin, and not attached to anything. He is home and eating well.

Just a few more pics from our crazy day out with Kim and family!

Mark and the GirlsSuitcases anyone?Ali Posing
We flew to Cape Town this last weekend for Mark's folk's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I must say I got top class service at the airports, and we were even upgraded to business class at no extra charge. I designed the invitation, using only Kim's kits, she has so many gorgeous ones with gold in that were perfect.
It was great seeing all the family again, I even saw one of my nieces that I have not seen for about 14 years, she and her family immigrated to America.

Cherye, my daughter(on far left)Nikita(niece)in the middle and Carmen, my niece from the USA on the left.
The Golden CoupleLet's get this party started!(Wesley my oldest)Mark's sister Carina (left) and cousin MandyCarina's daughters Nicole (left) and MicaleAn attempt at a family portrait!Cherye and NikitaSharon my sister in law tackling her seafood platterMark's brother Malcom, Sharon and NikitaMark and I with a disapproving Cherye in the background haha
Ok, the party started, unfortunately I could not dance but had fun watching everyone else!
On Sunday morning we had a family breakfast and Mark's dad gave a lovely speech that had us all in tears! And surprised Audrey with a gift!
Ok, enough photos, time for "business" LOL!
Design by Tina has a beautiful new Autumn kit and wordart in her store at ESS
Colours of the WindWordartMy LO(my DD)- got GSO at DST for this one- YAY!Look out for the gorgoeus freebie on Tina's blog
And the fabulous $1 sale in her store- look at these gorgeous kits for only $1
Dreaming of ParisFootprints in the Sand
KimB Designs has a Style Grab bag going up on Monday, you do not want to miss this one!! Trust me they are awesome!!! 7 Styles for only $5!!
And I used one of the styles in this freebie:) CU ok, except the samples are for personal use only!
Download here

Mark is away for 2 weeks, on a conference here, then off to Leeds and Ireland! While the cats away.... hee hee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 weeks to go- and a freebie!

Woo Hoo, only 5 weeks to go until I can walk like a human again- I hope! It has not been too bad, I had some comic relief on Saturday, when I met my "internet" buddies, Renee and KimB at Kyalami at a race day. It felt as if I had always known them!The day flew by and before we knew it we well into the night haha- and it has taken me a few days to recover!
A few photos- I have many more that my other friends took, just waiting for them to be downloaded and sent!

I love these photos of Janene, her first taste of suitcases hahahahaNo Spillage!!!
Thanks guys, you took my mind off my sorry state for a few hours,although it did take me a few days to recover !!

Some sad news though, my poor doggy Jackson does have cancer- Spindle Cell Sarcoma, grade 3. We are all so devastated- he is only a year old. It is a soft tissue cancer, slow growing, and he will still have some time. I am doing some research on diets and vitamins etc. This was taken a few days ago- with my DD Cherye
I had lots of time to play(can't really do much else!). KimB Designs is on a style roll and created some gorgeous fun styles.

She also has a Papermaker Grab Bag out with fabulous overlays- only $5 for 6 overlay packs!
Here is a freebie created with some of the paper overlays and styles, I have also used styles that are still to be put into the store so keep a look out!
Download here

Going to attempt shopping later today, it is Mark's folks 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend, and I have to find something to wear.