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Friday, April 01, 2011

Almost there!

Our kitchen is almost done, but I am so disappointed as the fitter made such a stupid mistake with 10 of the doors, he did not center the handles- on all of them, and only realized after he had done them all, you can see it on the photo below!And the brand new extractor fan does not work! So his mistake will cost him, and I will have to wait another week for the new doors to be made and installed!But otherwise I am completely ecstatic with the way its turning out!
And we started on the family bathroom a few days ago, we had no choice as all the pipes had rusted in the walls and were leaking, so the plumbing has to be completely redone as well. This is an old house we bought on auction 11 years ago for a song.

The new vanity plan
Some new goodies from KimB Designs!

I Luv 2 Craft- 35% off for the weekend only
Gorgeous Pencil Case printable freebie with instruction by Loucee

The ScrapMatters Mix a Kit for April is Carefree
And Kim's portions are:
Paper Pack 1
Paper Pack 2
Elements I made my very first ATC card (Digital of course) using Kim's packs RuthMelody Designs also has a beautiful new kit out today- Peace
Bonus QP with purchase of kit
Here are some freebies for you- on Ruth's blog
On Kim's blog Biscuit went for his first haircut this week, he looks sooooo cute!
That's all!! Have a wonderful April Fools day and a great weekend!


Kim B said...

OMG- Jenni the kitchen is looks freaking GORGEOUS!! I am sooo in love with your fridge! lol
We still have a little thing here that can only hold about 6 beers and no food! BWHAHAHA- but can't wait to go shopping when we get our own place in May!
HAHAHA- the bathroom mess- OY, and that dust gets in EVERYWHERE huh?
But it's worth it my friend- HANG in there.
and GO SHARKS this evening- man they better win or we going to have a lot of sulking this evening at Charmaines!!
((HUGS and thanks for the plug))

Ruth said...

Wow! Jenni... this will be a beautiful house!!!! Yeah, agree with Kimmie, the fridge is so nice! LOL

Thanks for the enabling! Hugs xxx

Shuckclod said...

It is looking really beautiful...They do the handles like that here. US. They figure that is were we reach. You have tons of storage...Doggie is too cute...