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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catching up on life- January part 1

The year started off hectically busy and I have once again neglected my blog. So here is part  one of January catch up LOL
We have had major internet cable problems and eventually today after two months we seem to have full internet access again, it has been very irritating and frustrating!

My daughter turned 19 on 3 January and recently got her drivers licence, what a wonderful feeling that I won't have to be taxi again. She did her licence in my 4 x 4, much to the driving test instructors amazement, when everyone else does it in tiny little cars!
I also decided enough is enough and have started to shed the few extra kg's I have slowly put on over the last couple of years, I will post my before and after pics here when I reach my goal, hopefully by the end of next month.

My son Tristan and his fiancé are expecting a girl, I am so excited as girls are pretty scarce in my family, she is due on 20 July!

Now some gorgeous kit catch ups that will have to be done in two parts there are so many LOL

My pages

My Pages

My page
My Pages

 My pages

Ok, think that enough for one day LOL
And a Quick Page Freebie
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Have an awesome weekend!


aquascrap said...

Wow! Awesome layouts from some awesome kits.

Thankyou for the lovely QP.

Congrats to your son and his fiancee on the news that they are going to have a girl. You must be over the moon. I can see some beautiful layouts being done for her.

Anonymous said...

thank you!