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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I am back!!

I am back after an amazing 2 week holiday in Italy and Greece! We had the most perfect weather in Greece, we went to Santorini, Mykenos and Athens, and then off to Italy . We travelled by train from Rome to Florence(which is the most beautiful place in the world), and then to the fascinating Venice. Italy was far colder and we had a bit of rain. Of course we ate like pigs and I tried Chianti wine for the first time and now I am a fan!! It is a gorgeous soft red wine! We walked so much that I was fortunate enough not to put on any weight, even after all the eating, and I have a tan to start off Summer here! But there is no place like home and it is great to be back! Between hubby and I we took about 1000 photos so I have plenty to scrap!

So it's back to every day life and back to my passion, scrapping! Here is my first LO in over 2 weeks! I was so excited to see it was nominated as a standout of the day at DST!! A first for me!

Credits HERE

I am now officially on Ninascraps CT, and I am really excited to start scrapping for her. She has an amazing team and is really professional.

Thanks so much to my friend KimB for nominating my blog for a creative blogger award, it was a lovely surprise!

I in turn nominate these awesome bloggers for their creativity:

My sister Bonnie, she is the most creative person I know, and her blog is full of awesome things she has made, besides her wonderful LO's and designs. She is my inspiration.

Artsymama- this girl has the most awesome blog, it is like going through a glossy magazine, pure eye candy!

I am doodle mad and these next two nomination are for the most creative and awesome doodles out there, Dancing Lines and I made this today .

And last but not least Metalmama for her original and realistic designs, I am a complete addict! She is taking a break from designing for a while but she will be back!

My oldest son had a nose op yesterday, but he is home and the doctor is very happy with the way it went. He broke his nose very badly years ago, and completely obliterated one of his sinuses so he has had years of battling to breathe and constant health problems, but that should all now be a thing of the past. Besides the septum being straighted, he should now have a beautiful straight nose, void of all the bumps and lumps he has lived with for years. I am so excited to see the results when the plaster comes off.

I have a busy few months ahead of me, trying to keep up with all my scrapping commitments, renovations, year end functions,kids exams etc etc etc. I don't call myself Chaos Lounge for nothing:)


Bonnie said...

Hi Jen! Welcome back sis! Missed you!
I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see your pics. Please put them onto a cd and bring it with when you come, then I can look at them on the PC> okay? Thanks also for the nomination you are too sweet. You don't have to vote for me just cos I am your little sis though! ha ha. But thanks....I hope Wes feels better soon, send him my love okay. Welcome back to the chaos! ha ha. Bon

Kim B said...

hahaha- I think the Choas made it's way here too- LOL! Been a nuttier week than most! AWESOME LO girl!!- Gee's I love you style!
Glad you had a good time- need one of those myself! hahaha
Sending hugs

makeyesup said...

Welcome back, can't wait to see your pictures. Went all over Italy a year ago, didn't make it to Greece; however, hope to some day.
Glad you son's surgery turned out Ok, he is going to be so happy when he can breathe normally every day.

I Made This said...

Ahhh you are sweet! Thank you!
Totally love your Blog. I have added you as a favourite and will definitely stopped by. I am thinking of doodling this weekend, so I might have a new freebie.
Is there anythign in particular you might like?

Amy P said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see those LO's :)

Cristina said...

Wonderful LO, I simply love it!

Cristina said...

Wonderful LO, I simply love it!