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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ninascrap Designs!

As you probably know I have been on Nina's awesome CT for a few months. This is a really up and coming CT, with lots of plans and ideas to promote our wonderful designer Nina!! Won't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but a small hint, grab her fan blinkie in the right hand margin and leave me a comment on my blog, and you may be in for a surprise if any of us see you sporting the blinkie in your siggies!!

Here are my latest LO's with Nina's stuff!

Credits HERE

Credits HERE

You can find all of Nina's fabulous designs at Oscraps HERE


Fotomum said...

Hi! Love the layout!! Which store(s) does Nina sell her stuff in? Dont know if i'm having a brain cramp or if the light bulb needs replaced, but i'm not having any luck finding it. Took the blinkie, but am trying to find a home for it that's allowed!! Thanks again for everything!!! Found your blog through bouncingbonbon's!!