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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where do I start.....

So much has gone on the last couple of weeks I don't even know where to start! I officially threw the crutches away a week ago and so far everything is going well, besides stiff muscles. I go once a week for Physio , and let me tell you it's not pleasant, so much for a nice relaxing message- it's 2 hours of PAIN!!! hahaha. I haven't ventured into the gym yet, but I am hoping to go back tomorrow. The problems with my hip inspired me to do a challenge about something I dislike about myself, and I came up with this, a bit dramatic I know, but at the time when I found out about the Avascular Necroses it was very scary!
We are missing Jackson terribly, our lives are so quiet without him, even our friends who come over say that it is just not the same without Jackson attempting to climb on their laps, or haring around with the kids. Besides, we always felt so safe with him around, he was our protector and because of Mark's job, he is away often and I just don't feel safe anymore without my protector. I did some looking around to find another Cane Corso , never to replace Jackson, but to try to fill this big hole left in our lives. The happy news is we have bought a new pup from the USA,(Avalanche Kennels- link in left hand margin) he is only 4 weeks old, he will be flown to South Africa when he is 8 weeks old. He is one of these, I could never choose between them so I have asked the breeder to choose for me(taken at 3 weeks)

Here is the Momand Dad
But then the coolest thing happened, I was again searching for anyone else in South Africa with Cane Corso's and I could not believe it when I found a lady living in the same area as us who has 2 pups, also imported. We have made contact and are chatting about getting our dogs together at a later stage to breed a litter. These beautiful dogs are rare here, actually more like non existent, so it is so exciting to meet someone else as obsessed as our family!

Another exciting thing to happen, especially for the guys, is that our rugby team, The Sharks, won the Currie Cup!! We got together for a party, along with Kim (of KimB Designs fame) and family. Long before Kim and I met we used to laugh and talk about our Pink Drinks, well we finally had them together!

Here are some photos- you can see some more on Kim's blog.
My life has been threatened , so these are the milder ones hahaha(and excuse the blurred ones hee hee)The Guys- Kim and I realized how similar Mark and her hubby Wayne are!Doep and ElizeWe went all out with tattoos, stickers, straws...Except for Wayne, he was the only non supporter there!YAY!! The Sharks won- celebration!!!!!
Mark consoling Wayne hahahaPink Drinks Anyone??Kim's going to kill me hahaha- but....(only this one I promise I will be good)and sorry Deon, but I could not resist putting this one up!Ooops, sorry Mark, but you were hilarious Ok, down to business LOL

Congrats to Kim and Gaye for their guest positions at Memory Scraps, their stores are officially open and iNSD sales, challenges and games are officially on there too!
KimB Designs has lots of new goodies in her store- all 30% 0ff

AlwaysMy LO (my daughter Cherye)
And some new CU goodies, including this awesome huuuge CU Grab Bag
(Full reveal in the store)

And a freebie for you, using a lot of the goodies in the bagDownload here
(link fixed)

And thanks Ruthie for giving me your beautiful kit, Give Thanks
And my LO- a thank you to my dear friends for making me laugh and making my life more bearable these last few months, I love you, Mwah!
Kim has a beautiful freebie on her blog, pop in get it -and don't forget, she is one year YOUNGER tomorrow, woohoo!!!!

And just one more pic- of my doxies just after a day at the spa (doggy parlour)They were not impressed with the bows in their hair

I won't be around until after the weekend, so enjoy iNSD and spend spend spend !!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the freebie, it's very nice.
Christine G

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Love it!! Thanks so much for sharing.:)
CUTE pups.I wouldn't be able to decide which one either.:)

Ruth said...

You guys really had a GREAT time gathering!!! LOL Great freebie, Jenni! AND I heart your page with 'Give Thanks' too! Thanks and Happy iDSD!!!!!

kristine said...


Jenni, your shots are better than teh ones Kim showed me privately. LMAO

Kim B said...

Wayne is killing himself laughing behind me.
Man Mark had us in stitches and Yup- Wayne and him are soo similar it's freaking scary! lol

Wench those photo's were just coming through by the PAGE when I sent you the ones I had only- I was always behind my camera so Jenni has the "juicy and scary" ones! lol

Thanks Jen, and we will have to do it again soon! - Well ok, need to give the liver a break first- hee hee.

HUGE hugs and Can't wait to see pics of the new pup IN the house GF! ;-)

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kit!

I hope you see improvement as you continue the tough work of therapy.

Your top layout is stunning. Thank you for being transparent and sharing it.

I enjoyed seeing your fun photos. :)

bj said...

thank you!!

Jitka, Most said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebie!

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

Hi Jenni, thank you for the freebie! It sure looks you guys had a blast!!

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous freebie, thanks a lot!

MoosieD said...

Thanks so much for the stunning freebie. Glad that you all had a great time.

Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing the freebie!! The pups are very cute!!! I say get both of them!!! How can you not love both of those little faces???

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about Jackson. the new pups are adorable. go sharks.
its a beauty of a freebie, jenn, but 4shared can't find it, i've tried it several times in the last 3 days.
thanks thou