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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 4 - WONDER

(Credits: Felty Dog Kit by Christine Stone - Calico's Corner- Link is under my favoutire blogs on the right. Template: Melanie van Amerongen-Matzek)

On the 10 November my little Doxie Trixibelle, gave birth to 3 tiny little pups. It was 4am in the morning, and I woke my kids up to watch the wonder of birth. Katie (named after a friend in Scotland), the chocolate brown female was born first followed very closely by another little girl, unfortunately she was still born. At this stage I panicked and took Mom and pup to the vet, as I knew from the scans that there was another one on the way. He was born 5 hours later, a whopping silver dapple. We watched in wonder as these 2 tiny creatures grew in leaps and bounds. Then, when they were two months old, our little baby girl, Katie, died suddenly. The vet told us she had something wrong with her heart, and she would not have lived no matter what. Our hearts were broken. But life has to carry on, and we still have our Trixibelle and Scallywags, our little boy. He is now almost 4 months old, and the apple of our eye. Trixibelle was the perfect mother, still is, She has all the patience in the world. Scallywags is a handful, but we adore him.

I will be adding a few more LO's of my Doxies soon. Watch this space...


Bonnie said...

Jen it is lovely! love the faded looks of their faces in each square! I remember my cat, Queenie, giving birth under my bedside table, purring happily. It was amazing!

Deb said...

Sorry for your loss! Its really hard to loose them. I love your layout! I LOVE watching the births! LOL We haven't had any puppies for a while, and I miss it. I adore puppies!!!