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Friday, March 02, 2007


I am not a collector so this one was quite difficult for me. Then I remembered that I collect pictures and ideas of Mexican Decor. We have been renovating our house for years, and we are trying to decorate Mexican style, with all the beautiful bright colours and interesting textures. We have a long way to go yet. My most prized possession is a mirror all the way from Mexico. The pictures below are NOT my house (I wish) but taken from the photos of Melba Levick

Paper:Funky Valentine - Kimsmith Designs, flower elements - Kit Flores by Lively

Paper: Mitia, Flower elements : Kit Flores by Lively

Paper: All my clothes by Stephanie Ogren ,Doodles: Megan Leeson,Mary, Rahmen


Bonnie said...

Jen...your lay out's are stunning!! Wow, such bright and funky colors!!
I especially love the last one!