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Thursday, March 08, 2007

My first Freebie!!

This is the very first kit I have ever attempted to make, went through a few trials and errors, but I eventually got there. It is very basic, I know, but we all have to start somewhere, and I enjoyed it and learn quite a bit along the way. I made it for Bonnie as a freebie prize for her quote challenge, so if you want it, you will have to join Snapandscrap and do Bonnie's quote challenge before the end of March.

Some LO's using this kit

Template: Anja
(Doodles not included in the kit)

Template: Mireille
(Scribbled frames not included in the kit)


Bonnie said...

Gorgeous lay out's Jen!I don't know why you are so worried about your kit-it is beautiful!! I wish my first attempt could of been this good!
Thanks again for sharing this with me!

Silke L said...

Hi, Jen!
Thanks for downloading my template and leaving a comment!! I follow you link to your place!! Its very nice here!!!!

***** good scrap *****

Silke L said...

oh, I forgot: the freebie is wonderful!!!! You did a very good work!!

H.Green said...

THanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) Congrats on your first kit, it's beautiful!