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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A little Freebie for you

I made a few little word art papers for an LO I was doing, and today when I saw Heather's brilliant idea of a Share it Saturday freebie list, I thought why not give away a few things I have made along the way, so I put together a few goodies for anyone who may want them. I am really very new to this, but it great to be able to give back a little as a thank you for all the wonderful freebies I have nabbed from so many.I would love to see who takes it so please leave me a little comment, thanks.


And here is the Lo that inspired the wordart, my daughter Cherye when she was a baby - she is now 13.

Papers:Mystique -Bonnie van Esch Designs
Beaded string: Generations of Love by Mary
Staple: Love to be Loved by Sarah Designs
Template:Ronee Parsons Designs


shellshok said...

Thanks for the shares. Your daughter was precious as a baby & Im sure she's still darling now. TFS

Bonnie said...

Thank you Jen for the lovely word art!

LindaD said...

Thanks for the kit. It perfectly describes my Granddaughter!

Cherye said...

Hi Mom,This is a lovely kit! i always use these type's of word art! very cute! the pins are new for me but are very cool! also like the LO you did with them.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet word art!


Maga said...

very beautiful...
thank you so much for sharing!

lesliereid said...

Hi! I've been away on vacation and just got your message/ comment. I'm glad you like the safety pins. Yes, you may use them in a freebie. I noticed while I was away all my freebie links expired so I need to reactivate them. Hopefully you've already downloaded. If not, let me know. I'll come back to your blog when I have more time. It looks fun! Best wishes to you.

coralie said...

Lovely layout and thank you for the freebie !!!
it's cool to have someone from South Africa coming to my blog, i love that !!!!
hugs from France !!!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Many thanks to Leslie, who directed her readers to Bonnie, who sent them over here for your newest freebie, which led me to discovering your previous freebies! These are ADORABLE! Thank YOU very much for sharing them.