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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tag it

What a lovely surprise to see I have been tagged for the thinking bloggers award, by Bonnie ,my sister, who supports me no matter what! Thanks Bon.
What to do if you have been chosen;
1. If you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2. Link to this post so that people can find their way back to it's origin
3. Display the Thinking Blogger Award

Here are the blogs I tagged for my own personal reasons. there are so many gorgeous blogs out there, who to choose is so difficult. I went ahead and tagged, not too sure what this was all about. I have since added the necessary information to my blog, so I hope this answers some questions. I do not retract from my choices, as in some way they have all touched me .

First of all I would have chosen Bonnie, but someone else got to her first !!

Mermaid's Haven: Beautiful designs and her generous spirit in sharing them.

Lively: The most awesome LO's, she is so original and brave with what she does. Her kits are also unusual and so creative.

Dapperdoxie: Her lovely work and we share a passion for the little dog with the huge heart, the Doxie.

Pillowgirl's Scraps: For her generosity in sharing her creations, and for the element templates that have been so useful to me.

Calico's Corner: For her beautiful kits that she so generously gives away and especially for her dog and cat kits for us animal lovers.

Now go and tag those blogs that you love!!


Anonymous said...'re such a sweetie!! Thank you for nominating me...but what is it??? lol I don't really have to THINK do I??? ;) Where did this originate, do you know??? I think it's fun fun fun (minus the thinking part) and I'm off to post my choices. Thank you again sweetie!!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Nice to "meet" someone else from South Africa!!!
Love your blog...will definitely visit often!!

Christine said...

Wow, I feel honored that you listed my blog as part of your tag! Do i have a time limit of when to list my choices? I've got to finish up some designs and I'll get right on it....How fun!