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Thursday, November 08, 2007

WST Scavenger Hunt

Thank you so much to WST for Featuring the Designers at Snap and Scrap. We got together to organize a little Scavenger hunt. There are 3 $5.00 Gift Certificates to the Snap and Scrap Shoppe up for Grabs!
*To qualify for the Prize Drawing you must have 16 CORRECT Answers.
*Entrants must email with the 16 Answers on or before the 11th November 12pm CAT.
*On the 12th November there will be a Grand Draw of all the successful entrants, the 3 Winners will be announced in the WST Forum.
*Please do not share the answers this will count towards immediate disqualification.
*The answers can be found at many places…make sure you visit all the links on each Designers Page. Some answers will appear on their Blogs, some in their Shoppes…we also have a Meet the Designers Gallery at Snap and Scrap…the search is ON!
Here are the 16 Questions:
1. Jenni asked: What is my son's girlfriend's name?
2. Bonnie asked: What type of Kitchen theme is Bonnie after and what photo is on the cover of her magazine cover she designed?
3. Veronica asked: What was the second kit I made, which is available in the Snap and Scrap Shoppe?
4. Gillian asked: What did I do for a living in South Africa, before moving to Australia?
5. Mari asked: What Camera am I the Proud Owner of?
6. Bonnie asked: Whose Blogger Tea party did Bonnie attend in March 2007?
7. Veronica asked: When did I discover digital Scrapbooking?
8. Bonnie asked: What was the name of the hotel Bonnie stayed in on her honeymoon?
9. Veronica asked: How many children do I have?
10. Gillian asked: What instrument do I play?
11. Bonnie asked: What is the beach called in Bonnie's hometown?
12. Mari asked: Where did Chrismari get her Name from?
13. Veronica asked: Which will always remain my favorite art form?
14. Bonnie asked: What did Bonnie throw away when she was little?
15. Mari asked: Who did I meet that lured me into Paper Scrapbooking?
16. Veronica asked: Where did I recently go on holiday?