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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on the Spirit of Summer

WOW!!! Can you believe that in one day this awesome kit had brought in over $1000 for the bushfire victims, isn't that fantastic. I am so proud to be part of this awesome team that put this all together! Just an important note:

WE are begging for your Patience in regard to receiving your Coupon codes to download the Australian Bushfire Collab.

Carolyn is the only one who receives the copy of your donation and is working as
quick as possible to send out your download coupons.

All the mail requests gets placed in a queue in the order that they are received.

If you do not receive your coupon within 24 hrs then by all means email again, but please consider that there is only one person able to handle the coupons( and she really does need to sleep sometime-lol). so it may take more than 1/2 hr. Thank you for your patience!!

Here are a few more gorgeous LO's with this huuuge kit!

By HutchieBy PamelaBy CherylBy TinaBy CarolBy Me
Hope you are having a groovy weekend!!


mel_h said...

hi jenni!

wow what an awesome message from you! thanks so much for stopping by. i also dont like anything to do with html that much, but i did do it myself! was very impressed with myself trust me.. hahaha! one of my ct members, caryn, is BRILLIANT with html, i am sure she will be more than happy to help you out? she is also a south african FAAAR from home, so i am sure shw will jump at the opportunity. i have been following your blog via google reader religiously and i love your designs! yours and bonnie's. its so cool to have a lot of south africans here in scrappy land! caryn's blog is

chat soon and leaving you MUCH love,
mel xxxxxxxxx