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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOW- and thank you!!!

Wow, I am so amazed at the wonderful response to our Charity kit Spirit of Summer. So far it has raised $2627.00!!! And here are some more beautiful LO's!

By NancyBy VissarahBy LiviaBy ReneeBy LouceeBy KylieBy Jazzy
I took part in another charity kit called A Perfect Fairytale

A Beautiful Fairytale Themed kit to honor a very special Person - Mellisa - AKA Fairytale Studios, an Exclusive Designer here at Digital candy. Created for her after her car accident in January to help cover medical expenses & lost wages. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS KIT WILL GO DIRECTLY TO MELLISA. This is one MONSTER kit! This kit contains:
  • 160 12x12 300 dpi papers
  • 320 elements
  • 2 alpha's
  • 18 word arts
  • 2 templates
Total Download size is 972 MB!!

**This kit can be burned onto 2 CD's or 1 DVD for an additional charge for your convenience. ** Designers who took part in creating this special kit are:

And a BIG BIG Thank you to Sassy & Steel City Scraps for Coordinating this beautiful Collab

My contributionI have extended my 40 % off sale on Going Buggy until Thursday!
Some more LO's!
By Nancy
By TiggersmomShe is also did this gorgeous one with my Perhaps Love kit
As you may notice my blog is looking a bit different!!! I saw Mel's blog and fell in love with all the space and just her whole set up is fabulous!! I found this site called The Cutest Blog on the Block with all sort of tips and advice and custom blogs etc. Becky changed my template to give me 3 columns and over the next few days I will attempt to sort out the header and background, I have a slight working knowledge of html, but I was really nervous to change my actual template as the last time I did it,I lost all my links and blinkies and info in my side margins. Becky literally took a few minutes to change my template and I still have all my info, so thanks Becky, I am really thrilled!!


Anonymous said...

Love the look of your new blog! Your header is so cute :)

Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

Your blog looks AMAZING!

Bonnie said...

Hey Jen..I LOVE your blogs new look!! WOW! It is so beautiful!!Very impressed!

LiviaY said...

WOW... LOVE the new look, jen!!!

You've benn tagged! lol
Check my blog... ;)


Jazzy said...

Shoot I thought I was lost or at the wrong place..LOVE your new look..I would like a new one but I have no idea how to even start..
Its so amazing at the total made so far on the charity kit..The folks that make up the digi scrap community are the best, most loving, caring, big hearted people in the world and Im so blessed to be apart of it..Love all the eye candy today just beautiful. The new charity kit is just precious..I hope it makes as much as Spirt of Summer..