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Sunday, March 01, 2009

$1 deals, new commercial use product and designer call!

Sunday morning here and still in my PJ's(11am!!)

I have 3 full kits going for $1 until 14 March!! Chic Shack (a huge collab between Bonnie and I)
Rainy Day Blues
Summer's End Going Buggy Commercial Use is now in my store! 5 layered templates and 5 examples for your personal use included!
ESS is having a designer call, even if you are a complete newbie and do not sell your creations anywhere please apply, it is an awesome opportunity and you may have what it takes!!
I had some time to do a LO yesterday, I bought Lily Designs kit, Dark Angel ages ago to do some LO's for my DD who is a huge fan of Twilight and Robert Patterson. What an awesome kit, I am a huge fan of Lily as it is, but this is so out the box!!
My LO (my DD is sitting on the chairs)
I love doing this type of LO with blending and before I discovered digital scrapbooking I did a few of them. Here they are just for fun!
Ok, I had better have a shower and get dressed LOL, almost midday here!! Have a great Sunday!!


MaryG said...


I've gone to ESS to purchase 2 of your 3 kits that are supposed to be $1.00 until 03-14 but they are not marked down and are still showing the original price. Thought I should let you know.


~B~ Creations said...

Me too. Everything is still the original price.


Deb said...

I just went in to get a couple of the kits too, I had tried to get in the day the store was down, and just didn't get back to try again. I guess I thought I had till the 14th like it said here. :(

The Novelista Barista said...

i LOVE ur designs they are amazing!