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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

OMG it's Vernon!!

I just had to show you some photos from Saturday!! We have an annual wine show here, the Jo'burg wine show, which we go to every year, usually a whole crowd of us. This year unfortunately my hubby was away on a golfing weekend so I went with my 3 sons, some of their friends and some of mine.

Us girls onto the champagne, and no I am not singing!! haha
And then we spotted Vernon Koekemoer, South Africa's own Chuck Norris. I don't exactly know why he became famous, but he did. He has a mullet and dresses in these ridiculous clothes and has huuuuge muscles. And after a couple of glasses of wine we had to get photos with him!! And then we spotted out favourite local radio personality Jeremy Mansfield and took some photo with him too! After the wine show we went to watch the finals of the super 14 Rugby, and South Africa won, although not the team our family supports. These were taken in the car on the way!Oh yes, far too much wine!!!
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Some more LO's!!
By CandaceBy BethBeth has this gorgeous QP freebie on her blog, don't forget to leave her some love if you grab it!
These are by Dani who the kit was especially made for:By PaulaBy RuthBy NancyAnd look at these beautiful albums created by Loucee By ReneeBy KimYou can pick up this gorgeous QP from Kim's blog!And this one from Hutchie's blog!
More beautiful LO's to show you tomorrow..

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Tina said...

Great photos Jenni!!!! It seems like you always have wonderful people around! thanks for sharing.

charlie said... party..animals..rofl at the muscle man dude!Great new kit Jenni!

Kim B said...

OMG- Jen, I'm dying here- full of cold and laughing that I'm hacking!

That's WAY to much wine and K-K funny! lol
We actually saw him at H2O two years ago (before he became Chucky) and man we laughed our sides sore! He's still wearing the SAME clothes! lol

AWESOME pics and thanks for putting them up!
(and for nearly killing me here this morning;-P


Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks as though you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your photos.

I loved the layouts too...I bought the Angels Tears kit but haven't had time to use it yet :-( After seeing these beautiful layouts, I just have to MAKE time.