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Thursday, June 11, 2009

This week's Fabulous $1 Fairy Finds

Here are my $1 deals for this week, only until Friday! Into the Blue- commercial use layered templates
Perhaps LoveChic Shack Collab
And here are Bonnie van Esch Designs
And Design by Tina's

KimB Designs has some new products in her store, my favourite being these 3600 x 3600 frames, they can frame your entire LO!!
Fully Framed - commercial use
My LO- also using Angels TearsThe hats we are wearing are actually wall ornaments that went onto our heads after a little too much Angels Tears LOL. Here are a few more photos!!haha- my friend Janene's hubby!
Well,almost weekend! Hope you are having a great week!!


GSCreations said...

LOL!!! You going to start a new fashion trend soon!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful evening, hope the "angel" helped with the hangovers the next morning hehehe, have a great weekend