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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some photos and LO's- and a $1.00 sale

I just had to share some photos of my poor hubby. He has suffered from gout since his late 20's and has had numerous ops to remove it. He went in on Tuesday to have his elbows and foot done, he was in a lot of pain from the surgery but looked so funny I couldn't resist taking some photos!He is doing much better and has the bandages removed on Monday.
As you can imagine he can do very little for himself as he can't bend his arms, he can't even eat on his own ,I have to feed him!! We had an end of year function on Thursday night, and I had great fun feeding him, we got some really weird looks LOL. He even managed to dance and enjoy himself, sore foot and all. It was Grease themed party and here are a few photos of us before we left, we had some taken there, will get those in a few days.
Onto some more gorgeous LO with Whimsical Winter

By TonjeBy GinaBy PamelaBy DanielleBy CherylBy me ( I had to borrow the photo from Kat at Digital Candy, as we do not get snow here, in fact it is almost Summer here!)Bonnie has a new kit out called Natural Harmony
I have a sale on at the moment until 1 December!! $1.00 only for each of the following full kits!!
Summer's EndRainy Day BluesSecret WindowClimbing TreesThat's all from me for a day or 2, have a great Sunday!!


Judgirl said...

I love your Whimsical Winter ...can't wait to use it ..your kits are awesome to get to your sale. Have a great week

KrisG said...

Woohoo! FOUR KITS! I just bought 'em all... LOL. Thank you so much... I already had two of them at the TOP of my wish list. Soooo gorgeous, as are ALL your designs. Thanks for the sale (I didn't have to wait til after Christmas, hehe).

Kim B said...

HAHAHA- girl, you look STUNNING- Mark looks like the pink robot man with his arms stuck out like that-hahaha, Just kidding- LOVE his hair and loafers with white socks! You guys look GREEEAAAAT!

Wow- that's one hell of a sale that NO-ONE should miss!

Vanessa said...

sorry for your husband
you look great
and i have an award for you!

Bonnie said...

Hey Jen!
I LOVE that dress, so pretty. And you looked really beautiful. I love your hair like that, it makes you look MUCH younger!! I can't believe Mark still went out after his ordeal...he is brave!

Crops said...

Oh mannn, I feel sorry for your hubby....but I feel more sorry for you!!! How ya holding up???!!!! This must be taking it's toll on ya....LOL If he is like every other man out there I am sure he thinks he's dying...LOL I hate it when my hubby is sick or something is wrong...he thinks its the end of the world....LOL
Got ya in my prayers!!!!!
And I gotta say you look MARVELOUS in that dress!!!!
Take it easy!!!