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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Closing down sale!

Yes, I am closing shop at Digital Candy. Actually sadly Digital Candy is closing doors altogether on 31 December. You can read all about it here. Digital Candy was like a second home to me, I loved every minute of my time there, and will have only good memories. I have put my entire store on a 50% off sale until 12 December, then I will close.

We leave for a family vacation on 14 December until early January, then I have decided to take a break from designing for awhile, I need to do plenty of spring cleaning after our renovations, and get my kids settled in school, get back to gym and lose all the weight I put on sitting on my backside for a year designing LOL!
I think designing is in my blood now so I will be back when I feel ready. I will not neglect my blog, still have my beloved CT's and friends in the scrapping world! And I am definitely not giving up scrapping!

Here are the latest renovations pics, they say a week to go then it will all be done, lets hope so!

Here are some LO's with Reves de l'amour:

By RachelleBy JazzyJazzy has this beautiful QP freebie for you on her blog, please leave her some love if you grab it!By Candace (Using the Candy Jar)By ChrisBy me (My sister Bonnie)
I just had to share these beautiful LO's by Pavlita with my Summer's End Kit!
And Candace did this one with Comfy Cozy
Have a great week, I will be back later with more pics!


Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Superb job on your house, cool to watch it change with all the hard work you all are doing. I'm sure it will be fantastic when it's all done, then you can enjoy!!!

BTW, I've got another award for you. Just visit my blog.

Jazzy said...

Your renovations are sure coming along.I know you will be happy when it is all done..I am sorry to hear about your retirement from designing..will miss those beautiful designs of yours..I sm hoping it won't be long until you are back at work again..just so HAPPY to know you will still have your blog so we can keep in touch..and I love seeing all the awesome pages you make..thanks for mentioning my word art..hugs Jazzy

Crops said...

Jenni, so sorry to hear about DC, wow that was a huge shock, although I don't go there, one of my evil sisters do and she LOVES that place! That is soooo sad!!!
Take a much needed break and everyone is surely going to miss your creativeness! And when you are ready to come back I am sure everyone will be waiting with open arms!!!
Also glad to see your place finally shaping up... I just can't wait to see WATER in that POOL!!! LOL
Happy as a clam that you will have your blog going!!! whewwwwww, I'd hate to lose ya as a friend as we just are getting to know each other, and I would miss all the funny emails too....LOL

Where you guys going??? The States by any chance????? LOL

Kim B said...

HAHAHA_ now you are dreaming Croppy- lol, Jen, it's with GREAT SADNESS that I see you closing *shop* but I also know how much the break will bring you back- LOL
Can't WAIT to see the refreshed Jen's work out again ( yup, I know it will come- so not even betting with ya- hhahahaha)
So glad you are still on the CT team as the girls love you as much as I do!
Will be busy with some of your goodies tonight- had parcels to wrap this afternoon and then got side tracked with some new decor- lol)
Sending hugs

LoriBear said...

Wow...what a huge shocker it was to see DC close but like the saying goes all good things must come to an end..I hope you totally enjoy yoour time oof and enjoy your family... We are in the midst of selling our home and moving to a bigger new one so I am sure I will be very busy while your gone and wont miss you as much! hehehe Cant wait though to see what you bring back with ya when you do return! I will be checking in on your blog for sure! Thanks as well again for all your beautiful goodies, they have totally been my pleasure to use and create with!
Huggs and best of wishes to you...

Dinphy said...

I just read about the store closing on Kim's blog... How sad!

Just as I have my first pay-pal...
But for me, that also means I got to go to your store and bought me some awesome kits at great discount... Thank you SO MUCH!! :)

Enjoy your break, and I'm happy to hear you're not totally quitting the designing... Your work is awesome and unique!

Best wishes