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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday pics!

Here is our pool filled with water at last, it is finally finished!!!

We left for Cape Town at 4.30am on Sunday morning, and decided to drive straight through instead of sleeping over somewhere. We got here at about 10pm on Sunday night and fell into bed!We had a disastrous day on Monday as Mark woke up with his elbow terribly swollen and very painful so we spent hours at the ER where he was sent for xrays and then to an orthopedic surgeon who had to drain out some fluid, and he is back on antibiotics.

The weather here is beyond hot, almost unbearable as far as I am concerned, but the kids love it and are already so tanned. Yesterday I spent the day with Bonnie my sister and brother and family who live in New Zealand but are here on vacation. I have not seen them for 3 years so it was really wonderful seeing them again.

I have recently bought the same camera as Bonnie and she gave me some lessons on how to use it, I was so excited about the close ups I took!

Some other photos taken at the Vergelegen Wine Estate yesterday.
Bonnie and I playing the fool as usual!
I am allowed to give you a tiny clue as to where I will be selling next year......ESS...more clues to follow!!


Brenda Smith Designs said...

Great photos Jen! Hope Mark is better soon. So excited about ESS!!!

Tina said...

Hey Jenni!!!! Wonderful pics, congrats on your new camera!!! HUGS


Bunny Cates said...

WOW, what a dramatic change on your pool jenni! So glad you got it done!

What is your camera? Your photos turned out ridiculously FANTASTIC!

charlie said...

great pics Jenni!You are such a teaze with the clues to the new store..hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Crops said...

WATERRRRRRRRRRRR at last!!! Ohh I have been waiting to see water in that pool!!! I knew it was going to be gorgeous!!! and it IS!!!
Great pictures of the flowers too! All the flowers here are it was great seeing some alive ones where you are!!! I love the picture if you two... mwahhh to ya both!!!
Now get into that pool and ENJOY!!!!!


xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the photos!!! and the pool looks FANTASTIC and OH SOOOOOOOO INVITING!! (as i sit with about a foot of snow surrounding me outside! lol) LOVE the flowers too!! so glad you have the time to enjoy together!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Happy Holidays!

Pamela said...

Great photos Jen!! It sounds like your having a wonderful time with Bonnie. I'm so happy for ya'll. Hope your hubby gets to feeling better and the pool looks great. What a bummer to have to leave right as it's finished though LOL!!!

Beth said...

Just wanted to pop onto your blog and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you're out having a great time! HUGS, Beth

Laramie said...

Love the new photo's and am wishing I was in that warm spot instead of snow and bitter cold. Your pool looks fantastic. A silky dip on a hot day... Hope your husbands arm is getting better. Men are so grumpy when they are hurt. Sisters are great, hope you both have a wonderful visit.

Laramie said...

Just pick up Rainy Day Blues and had so much fun making a really cute page with it. Love it.

Bonnie said...

Hi Jen, lovely pics. Just popping in to say hi and bye! I will miss you so much!!!!! love Bon

Laramie said...

Jenni, thanks for the nice comments you left me on my blog. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.

Vera said...

Awesome photos! What camera do you have? :)

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