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Friday, December 05, 2008

Exams are over!!!!

I am so happy, my kids wrote their last exams today, and next week is just a fun week at school if they want to attend, I am hoping just to sleep in late and looking forward to no driving!!! I have had such a week of mixed emotions, sadness that Digital Candy is closing, but excited by a few proposals and opportunities, but nothing definitely in the pipeline as yet. I need my holiday first!!

Digital Candy is having awesome ridiculous sales, their mega's are going for only $1.99, can you believe that!!! So don't miss out, they will never again be available!

Some more LO's with my new Kit, Reves de l'amour

By TinaBy ProudtxmomBy Babyblueeyesx2By DanimoyBy PavlitaBy KimAnd Kim made this gorgeous QP, please leave her some love if you grab itGet it on Kim's blog here

Here are some more pic of our renovations:These were taken yesterday - the steps being built around the jacuzzi
Just an idea of the high roof inside: The jacuzzi steps today:
And the martini seat going in- they are working like mad at the moment as there is a huge storm on the way!
And the other steps:
Ok. off to take kids to the mall -again!! Have a great weekend!


xashee's corner said...

the layouts are FANTASTIC!! i can hardly wait to see your renovations done too! :D Thank you for giving Kim permission to make that BEAUTIFUL qp! You will be missed while away on vacation but i am sure you will have a WONDERFUL time and hope you take LOTS of pictures! Sorry to hear about Digital Candy closing shop but sure am glad you won't stop designing!! Have an AWESOME day! :D

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

WOW! gorgeous LO's! You're new kit is so beautiful... I hope you have a wonderful and refreshing time off and I am so so happy to hear you'll be back to designing again someday.. your kits are so amazing!
Have a lovely day, Jenni :)

Jazzy said...

Looks like things are really taking shape with the renovations..know you will be thrilled when they are done..I blogged about ya today, hope you don't mind..have a great weekend..