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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My garden- and some good news!

I thought I would show you some photos of my garden as all you ever see if concrete and paving! These are some of my pot plants that normally stand around the pool, they are currently in a heap out of the way of plaster and fiberglass, but they are going to need a good clean after this!Just a few shots of my garden, it is small, and I have never really done much to it since we have been here as we had 2 labs that destroyed anything that was planted. Unfortunately we had to put them both down this year due to old age and diabetes. I would like to do some work in it next year.
Although a small garden, we have some huge palm trees, I would love to know how old they are!This is around our front entrance, I love how the palm tree branches are so low, and how the ivy and ferns grow up the trunk!
And from outside the yard.The jacuzzi completed and working, all the paving is done!
And the martini seat is done, the fiberglass and mosaics go on tomorrow and the water in on Saturday!And then lots of work to finish everything off, like the light fittings, getting my plants back, painting and finishing the cladding and all the cleaning up!! Just Pamela's beautiful LO to show you with Reves de l'amour:
And one I did with the Charity kit, Allison's Fairytale, this is my niece Emma
The good news is that I have signed up to sell again from next year, but it is a surprise at the moment, so watch this space. Although I am very sad to leave Digital Candy, this is going to be fresh and new and exciting!! Watch this space!
And I have a new addition to my digital family- a brand new notebook, I am so excited. My son works in IT support and managed to get it for me at an excellent price, he is setting everything up for me tonight all ready to take with me on vacation, I told you I was an addict! This is my first PC with Vista- HELP!!


xashee's corner said...

your place is truly AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!! thank you for sharing so many WONDERFUL photos! LOVE the layouts too! Big CONGRATS on selling again, looking forward to knowing where!! hehe :) Lordy, if you can work with vista, i would LOVE to know the secrets lol
Thanks sooo much for ALLLLLLLL you share! have a GREAT day!!! :D

Tina said...

Hey Jenni!!!! I´m so excited to hear that you have a surprise for us, it´s wonderful you´ll sell in a fresh place! and congrats on your new digi baby - the notebook looks fine. Aaaaand, thanks for sharing your pics, I love your garden!



aquascrap said...

Wow a beautiful looking tropical garden.....gorgeous. Congrats on having a new place in which to sell your designs....can't wait to find out where. Good luck with working with Vista!!!

Dinphy said...

Beautiful, beautiful garden! Wow.

Oh lol... It didn't take you long, to sign up to sell again, did it? ;)
And I wonder...I'm thinking of a place...Ah, it'll be fun to find out next year! :)

Goooood luck with Vista... But it sounds like you've got a good helper there. :)

Bonnie said...

Hi Jen
The garden looks great, lovely photos! I love the frame you use when you post them. Is it one from SBB? The jacuzzi looks great. Congrats on your lap top too, I am so jealous! Can't wait to see you and do some fun together. Love Bon

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

Whoo hoo!! awesome news! I am so happy to hear you'll continue on with your gorgeous designs!

Crops said...

Your garden is absolutely GORGEOUS, I wanna live there! LOL and POT we call that wacky weed....LOL You can get into a lot of trouble here for having pot plants in your garden...hahahahha
New notebook....looks great! I sure hope vista works ok on it...but I aint gonna say anything to jinx
Have fun on your vacation!!!