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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New CT, new designs, new LO's and.... a new freebie!!

First of all,thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my collage. I may even attempt a few more:) I have had a chaotic couple of weeks, as we are renovating our house at the moment, or should I say we have been for 7 years, but are now seriously trying to complete it. As hubby works, I have the wonderful job of running around ordering building material, seeing to quotes, supervising builders etc, and it is taking up so much of my time. I treasure every second I can sit in front of my PC lately!

I have been loving my Photoshop lessons, and the little freebie below is made up of a few things I have done in Photoshop. I also have a new baby in my life- Corel Painter 8 and a pen mouse, what a fantastic combination. For those who love drawing and art, this is a must! The possibilities are endless, from glitter and fairydust, to doodling with all sorts of mediums. I could play all day. I did the doodles and papers in my freebie with it as well.

And I am on another CT, I decided one more would complete my life and went to the CT calls in the forum at Digishoptalk (if any of you want to apply for a CT, that's the place to go!) and went through quite a few before seeing Nicole Haecker Designs, her designs are gorgeous and just my "thing", so I applied, and was really surprised and excited to be told she wanted me!!

Here is the first LO I have done using her oh so pretty painted paper flowers. You can get them in her shoppe at Pocket- Pearls HERE,as well as her her other fab stuff! The glitter and doodles were done in Corel Painter!! I may just surprise you (and myself) and do some glittery doodley freebies!!

Credits HERE
I am loving my other new CT, Metalmamadezines!! Her designs are me to a T. I have such fun scrapping with her stuff!

She has just released these Funkified Frames in her shoppe at Miss Tiina. I just love them!!

And this is my first LO using the frames!

Credits HERE

And another one using some more of her awesome designs!

Credits HERE

And this one was done for my sister, Bonnie van Esch Designs with her new kit, Handmade Cheer, available at Snap&scrap. She will be releasing 2 more awesome kits (I have had a sneak preview!) at the end of the month. All I will tell you is they are completely unique and FUN!!

Credits HERE

And last, but hopefully not least, here is the freebie. It contains 4 papers, 2 with a torn paper look ( thanks to the awesome templates of Annetje77), 2 pairs of fluffy wings which I did quite by accident using fur in PSP, a sticker flower, 2 doodle crowns, wordart, stamp and some vector flowers I made in one of my lessons:) All 3600 x 3600, 300 dpi. The papers are "fingerpainted" in Corel Painter. I hope you like it, and thanks for continuing to be my guinea pigs in this learning process!!

Download HERE

My little angels, my doxies, in the LO below using "Amazing"


Bonnie said...

Wow Jen, love the crowns, so sweet, this looks like a fun kit. I LOVE your Layouts girlfriend, you get better and better all the time! I am so jealous...when I grow up i wanna scrap like you!

xashee's corner said...

FANTASTIC layout!! sheesh!! i LOVE that horse layout, you did such a creative job on it! i LOVE your work and am soo glad i found you :D
oh and thanks so much for visiting my blog too! it isnt very exciting right now but i WILL get better ;) hehe
Have a WONDERFUL day and thank you so much for sharing your talent and a bit of yourself too! :D

Always Plumpster said...

This is so cute! Thank you.

Ruthie said...

Soooo cute! Love them.
I wanted to tell you about a new forum I have started. Ever since

Digi Debz fell off the face of the earth I have missed her forum for

freebies, so I started one myself. Please come and check it out at I just put it up last night and I

have put as many freebies on their from the designers that I can,

but I would love for the designers to post their own. There is more

control over your freebs that way. Hope to see you there, Ruthie.

Mindy said...

snagged your new blinkie!! :) What class are you taking, and for what verison of Photoshop? Have a great day. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! :)

mom2triplets04 said...

OMG this is adorable. Love the pink. My girls are such princesses lately and I know I will definately be using your kit for some of their pages. Thank you. It's adorable.

PSharp said...

Fantastic!! Thank you for sharing.

Glenda said...

Thanks for the freebie. That turned out pretty good. Thanks for sharing.

Cher said...

YOU are amazing Jen!!!
I love your goodies! And love your collages - so fun -and pretty!!!
You and your Sis are so lucky ro have a natural talent for "putting things together" - know there is a better term to describe what I mean - it will come to me - like tonight or tomorrow - lol!!!
Thank you so much - will have fun with this - and write you soon - hopefully with a LO for you to see! Hugs - Cher

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such an adorable freebie!! :o)

Joanna said...

Thanks a lot for the cute freebie.

Metalmama said...

OH I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! Thank you so much for sporting my stuff sweetie you really are awesome in every way!!! Please do not ever leave!!!! Just stopped by to ad you to my blog hon and say hello!!! Love your blog and the crowns are too cute! Hugs hugs

Joanna said...

Thanks a lot for the goodies.

Myxi said...

Simply beautiful, I love your style, I love your scraps!! Thank you. I especially love the wings on that!